Ways To End Relationships

When relationships have run their course, for whatever reason, the ways to end relationships are critical.

The reasons for this are that many outcomes and consequences can be far reaching. More often than not, when couples decide to separate, they have not worked out ways to end the relationship that are in everyone’s best interests.

This can be in relation to a whole range of matters. Some of these can be, who is going to live where. How is it determined what division is made in terms of property and furnishings etc.

When there are children involved, what arrangements are made for where they are going to be. When looking at ways of ending the relationship there needs to be a decision made about who takes responsibility for them, and when.

In fact, it is important to state when a relationship ends and there are children involved, their needs should take priority over everything else.

Too often this doesn’t happen and children get caught in the middle of all the strife that is taking place, and they can be very affected by this predicament. They can even take on thinking they are in some way responsible for the end of the relationship.

Often what happens is that couples allow their negative feelings towards each other to dictate their ways to end the relationship. This may not be both parties, but the one who feels angry and resentful about the separation, as it might not be what they want.

Many issues arise. Being uncooperative and nasty with the other party. Refusing to be reasonable. Putting up obstacles at every opportunity.

Invariably, when this happens people resort to getting a lawyer or attorney involved for relationship break up advice. They think they can’t work things out, and this is their only option as ways to end relationships.

Unfortunately, many people can be so consumed with the ways they are dealing with ending the relationship, they tend to lose sight of the cost that can be involved in going down this path.

They can be stunned when they finally get their bill, as it is often a substantial amount of money, more than they bargained for. The only winners, in these situations, are the lawyers or attorneys.

It is regrettable when this happens as there are ways of ending relationships that can be in everyone’s best interests, regardless of how wronged one party may feel. There are exceptions of course, which I will touch on shortly.

The best ways to end relationships are when couples realize things are over between them, for whatever reason, they can sit down and negotiate all the relationship questions to ask that have to be considered.

Sometimes it may be necessary to get some help to get to this point. This could mean having a trusted friend or family member involved.

Alternatively, it could be helpful for one, or both of you, to consult a professional therapist about ways to end relationships.

I would suggest you have someone recommended to you, rather than seeing one at random. I can also assure you this process is far more cost effective than going down the lawyer or attorney route.

When people follow the reasonable path in finding ways to end relationships, it works out much better for all concerned, rather than ending up with situations like mother daughter relationship problems, that can often happen when handling relationship problems at such times, is not well carried out.

The reality is, especially when children are involved, couples are going to be having ongoing contact, in some form or another, for the rest of their lives.

Early on, if the children are quite young, there are all the arrangements to be made about looking after them. As they get older, there are such things as school graduations, 21st birthdays, weddings, grandchildren etc.

It is important to highlight all these occasions, as these are the realities of life that are often not considered, when thinking about ways of ending relationships.

The exceptions I refer to above are, for example, when escaping from abusive relationships. The dynamics there are not comparable with the ways to end relationships we have been dealing with here. I go into that more in another section.

There are also more guidelines in my ebook “How to Have An Extraordinary Relationship.”

Extraordinary Relationship

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