Understanding Men In Relationships

Understanding men in relationships is a big question for so many women in their relationships with men, who experience a whole range of relationship issues that they find confusing.

There are lots of explanations given that are meant to be helpful in understanding men in relationships, but they are really not, adding to the bewilderment.

One of these explanations is, women are told they have to realize this is how men are, and in order to be understanding of men in their relationships with them, they have to recognize this, and make allowances.

Understanding Men in Relationships

This can happen, for example, when men have what is described as a so-called bad temper. It can be explained by stating that is how he is. It is often added he is just like his dad, as if it is genetic, and he has no choice.

In order for women to be understanding of men in relationships like this they are meant to accept it, and as I said, make allowances for these so-called bad tempers.

In fact, it really puts the responsibility onto the woman. It is as if whenever his so-called bad temper flares it is because she has provoked him, and has not made allowances for this possibility.

It is important to be aware of such explanations in understanding men in relationships, in order to comprehend the experiences some women have in their own relationships.

I came across a woman recently, who is a teacher at one of the most elite schools in Sydney, who ended up with a broken arm in an encounter with her now ex-husband.

She said he claimed it was her fault because she made him angry!! Just to let you know, he happens to be a wealthy professional.

I will get to making a point about understanding men in relationships where I will give an explanation that makes it clear what the real problem is.

This will enable men, who are having problems, and are open to this explanation, to make the changes necessary to have a relationship they never realized they could have.

This will enable many women, who have been experiencing all sorts of things in their relationships with men, to have an understanding of men in relationships, that will empower them not to put up with this rubbish anymore, and be able to have a relationship they never thought was possible.

There are so many relationship questions to ask. Why are many men physically abusive in their relationships with women. The common figure we hear is that 1 in 3 women throughout the world are in abusive relationships. Many are killed and many are raped.

Understanding men in relationships also raises the question about other forms of abuse that are perpetrated by many men against their spouses or partners.

Such things as a verbal abusive relationship, emotionally abusive relationships, and mentally abusive relationships etc. where women are undermined and put down in all sorts of ways. All sorts of threats, throwing and smashing things, and so on and so on.

Understanding men in relationships, where all these behaviors are manifested, as well as lots of others I haven’t gone into here, can be explained by a very simple account that makes everything clear.

Are you ready for it? I think sometimes when I give this explanation people can miss the point because it seems too simple, or they don’t fully understand all the implications.

In order to have a complete understanding of men in relationships, and why all these terrible things occur, is, because as males we have been instructed from the day we are born to believe we are superior to women!

There you are, that is it, now you have it!

However, there are other things that flow on from here in order to have a full understanding of why, so many men in relationships, carry on the way they do.

The first thing is, they see themselves as the masters, the ones in charge, with the right to dictate and hold power over women, who are after all, this lower lot.

The second thing, which actually comes first is, as males we are encouraged to develop temperaments of dominance.

So it is in putting these three aspects in place - being superior, being the masters and ones in charge, then dominating, puts a perspective on understanding men in relationships, that can lead to lots of changes occurring throughout the world.

The only way to have a healthy relationship is to accept men and women are equal and on the same level. When this is the basis of relationships, no one is in charge, there is no dominating and holding power over, and it is possible to have relationships that most people don't even realize are possible.

I go into more of this in my ebook “How to Have an Extraordinary Relationship.”

Extraordinary Relationship

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