Tips For A Good Relationship

In sharing tips for a good relationship with you, my plan is to give you a number of ideas that can make all the difference to improving your experience of life.

I am aware of how easy it is for any of us to drift through life and miss out on the opportunity to be having a great experience, and that includes our relationships.

This seems to be particularly so, when we are in the midst of some of the most overwhelming challenges in the world today, that we have never come across before.

It almost seems trite, or insignificant, to be referring to tips for a good relationship, when we compare what we are up against on a world scale.

Tips For A Good Relationship

Such things as global warming, sky rocketing oil prices and dwindling fossil fuel, mass deforestation, world water crisis, our oceans being destroyed by plastic and so on.

In spite of the fact that in comparison it might seem inappropriate to be focusing on tips for a good relationship, there are compelling reasons for doing so.

In the midst of these huge issues, there is also a crisis in relationships. Many people have difficulty maintaining relationships, and, across all levels in the world, there are dumbfounding levels of abuse occurring, most of it hidden.

It is a life-and-death matter that we find solutions to these global issues as soon as possible, otherwise the world as we know it will become a distant memory.

Many of us will become victims of the events involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale, if this impending disaster is not averted.

It is also crucial, when seeking tips for a good relationship, that we all remain alert to the discovery of knowledge that is going to enable us to have the best relationship possible.

In the process of our search we will find there is a lot of material available that offers tips that are conflicting, even contradictory.

It is important to be discerning, or be able to pick out information, that is going to be in your best interests and will always lead to a win/win position. This is the basis of the tips for a good relationship I will be providing.

In spite of the circumstances I have spoken about in relation to the state of the world and relationships, blocked drains interfere with achieving solutions.

There is a view put forward that we are drowning in shallowness. We are soaked to saturation in a mind numbing swamp of mindless distractions, superficialities and trivia.

One of the most powerful means available to us - the media, overflows and floods us with meaningless sewerage, such as the latest on Paris Hilton or Britney Spears.

There is much to be done and thought about in averting this world catastrophe, rather than succumbing to wallowing in warm sludge, hiding from the inevitable.

The same can be said for the tips for a good relationship. The first is to stand up against the temptation to bask in indifference and be sidetracked by these distractions, and put off the effort required to achieve the relationship you would really like to have.

To check yourselves in your own relationship compatibility quiz, and to score the results of this compatibility relationship test, would be a very useful thing for you to do for a start. This would give you a good picture of where you are at, and what your chances are, of having a good relationship.

The first tip required for a good relationship is, there needs to be equality between yourselves. This is essential. It is the foundation or the basis for a good relationship which is not possible if each are not on the same level. This would be a crucial relationship question in the quiz you do.

I make no apology for this requirement. In all my years as a counselor, with the numerous people I have seen as clients dealing with relationships, the most common issue I have seen, has been inequality between couples.

I saw this so often I came to refer to it as, ‘the same old story’. Things do not work to the satisfaction of each person in a relationship, if there is not equality.

As the most important of the tips for a good relationship, it means there is no such thing as the head of the family. Relationships are partnerships between two equals. No one person is in charge of or subservient to the other.

This means everything is shared. Nor is it helping when the man does things, as this infers it is the woman’s role. There are no roles, or need for scoring points. Things have to be done and they get done by one or the other person.

I believe any other tips for a good relationship flow from this one tip. It means you are able to: connect, respect and acknowledge each other, communicate, be intimate, be at ease, relax, have more fun and a better sex life. It means you have a fuller, richer and more satisfying life.

There is more in my eBook, “How to Have An Extraordinary Relationship”

Extraordinary Relationship

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