Stages of a Healthy Relationship

Stages of a healthy relationship are the steps a couple takes in the process or development of a committed ongoing connection with each other, and you have passed the compatibility relationship test with flying colors.

The ideal would be for you to imagine you have been together for a lifetime from when you first got together, and highlight each of the stages you have been through.

You can see yourself in those early stages of a healthy relationship when you first met.

Stages of a Healthy Relationship

You recall the awkward times when you were unsure how to approach her, as you do when you first find you are attracted to someone. You don’t know what to say to her, or where to look, you feel embarrassed and blush.

You can see she is experiencing the same predicament, equally uncomfortable, lost for words, self-conscious and blushing.

In these early stages of a healthy relationship you are curious to know how you are going to overcome these uneasy feelings.

You wonder or question if anything is possible, even thinking that maybe the other person doesn’t feel the same way.

Each of you find your thoughts are consumed by the other. You barely have time to think about anything else.

All this turmoil at the early stages of a healthy relationship can be a strain.

Somehow, eventually you face up to the fear of rejection, and timidly approach her about doing something together, you invite her to the movies. She accepts. You are over the moon, feeling overwhelming happiness and excited she has agreed to go out with you.

The next stage of a healthy relationship is when you spend so much time together, do lots of things, having loads of fun.

Eventually, you both realize you love each other. You decide you want to spend the rest of your lives together, and get married.

There is a period of adjustment where you get used to living together and everything involved in that process.

Then you arrive at the stage of a healthy relationship where you have your first child. You are not prepared for the challenges you experience, no one is, regardless of the preparations you have both made, and in spite of all the free advice everyone seems obliged to give you beforehand, it is a unique experience.

You realize the demands placed on you can be all consuming and overwhelming, and there can be relationship questions. Life for others seems to go on as normal.

This is one of the critical stages of a healthy relationship where you both realize the importance of working together. This is an outcome of each of you recognizing the equality between you, leading to sharing responsibilities.

You find these early years with children are a real challenge to the results of your compatibility relationship test, because of their total dependence on you. With the solid basis you have established, it stands up to examination.

Children get older and become adolescents. Again you have been primed by other well meaning people about what to expect. You brace yourself to confront the hurdles expected considering what is said about this period of time.

Both of you soon discover you know nothing, teenagers know everything. Recognizing this you find is the best way to handle the situation.

When you do, you wonder what all the fuss is about, enabling you in avoiding relationship problems, as not accepting this can involve having endless battles such as teenage relationship problems or mother daughter relationship problems.

You then proceed through the other stages of a healthy relationship. You have a wonderful relationship with your children as they get older because of the great foundation you have established.

It is their turn now and you observe them going through what you both experienced in the early stages of your relationship.

Due to the modeling of the stages of a healthy relationship they have observed in your relationship, they proceed to follow your example. You are so proud of them as well as being very pleased with the job you have done together.

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