Spice Up Relationships

To spice up relationships is something that ought to be on the agenda for everyone who is a couple, whether you are married or in a long term committed relationship.

Once you have been together for some time, it is too easy to drift along going through the daily routine of life.

You struggle out of bed in the morning, barely acknowledging each other as you go through the sequence of actions you regularly follow in your fixed program each day.

Like most people being caught up in this continuous tedious performance, the last thing on your mind is to think about how to spice up your relationship.

Spice Up Relationships

Relationships are vulnerable to becoming unsuspecting prey and end up victims of this monotonous procedure. You are likely to identify your stale relationship as the relationship problem.

You begin to look elsewhere, thinking this will be a diversion from your humdrum lifestyle. You may pursue this course of action, rather than think about how you could spice up your relationship.

This leads to widening gaps between you, and you are now like strangers living together.

The outcome is you decide to separate. Your time together has been like living in a haze, or a state of mental obscurity or confusion, and you part in this bewildered trance like state, avoiding relationship problems

You are now like many others who become involved in other relationships as a solution to the sterile existence you experience, rather than look up the spice up relationships recipe.

You may find yourself in the same old boring routines you went through in your previous relationship, and join the 2 out of 3 second marriages that end in divorce.

To spice up relationships requires you to make that a priority. It is not going to occur spontaneously as we have already seen. Today’s hectic lifestyle keeps this from happening.

Given that, it is crucial for you to make time to be together. To talk to each other and really connect. To do this it is vitally important there is equality between you, otherwise this is not possible, as each of you is not on the same level.

When you are equal, ways to spice up relationships happens with ease. It happens in many ways. Acknowledging and respecting each other. Being authentic and honest at all times, recognizing the trust between you, knowing the opportunity for intimacy and openness is always there.

You meet each other’s needs. You find ways to surprise and delight the other person. You make time to do things together, for example, go for a walk or to the movies, to the theater or go out for a meal.

Another important way to spice up relationships is to decide you are always going to make sure you go away for breaks together. This can mean weekends, and regular longer breaks.

Having fun times with good friends is another aspect as well as having your own individual friends you spend time with.

It is also important for each of you to have time to yourselves, not to become totally dependent on each other, and to retain your own individuality.

It is very likely if more couples were to follow your example and read the instructions to spice up relationships, and realize how much they have got going for each other, this could make a great contribution to the overall success of relationships, and make a difference to the high divorce rate.

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Extraordinary Relationship

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