Signs of a Committed Relationship

Signs of a committed relationship are obvious when you are wholeheartedly dedicated to your partnership, and plan to maintain it on an ongoing basis.

Your commitment is displayed in unmistakable ways that acts as a model for all those who wish to follow in your footsteps.

When one is aware of these signs of a committed relationship, it is impressive to observe the way they are manifested in the lives of people, who have chosen to be committed to each other.

Signs of a Committed Relationship

The benefits you experience, stand out in the general excellence of the standard of your relationship, that contains all the traits of a healthy relationship.

There would be some debate about what would constitute this quality in a relationship, and you will find others having different views to mine.

Be that as it may be, I’m simply sharing with you what I have discovered over many years.It will be up to you to decide for yourself if these signs are what you are looking for in your own relationship.

The basis of any relationship to operate at its best, and hence to be able to demonstrate these signs in an authentic manner, is that each partner has equal status. That is, neither one ranks higher or lower than the other.

It is vital to establish this as being fundamental, because so many relationships are structured in such a way, where there is an imbalance between the partners, where one is subservient to the other, or less important.

Some would say these signs of a commitment can be evident with couples in these arrangements.

This seems doubtful as the outcomes of such relationships involves one partner being condescending or patronizing, or talking down to, or looking down on the other, who is compliant, dutiful and submissive.

It is unlikely the signs of a committed relationship could ever be considered genuine in these circumstances.

It is now established, that equality between you is essential, and undisputed as a condition for a sincere relationship.

Having done so let us now go ahead and look at what we can identify as the signs of a committed relationship.

The first thing that would be obvious is that you show each other respect. You acknowledge each other. This is shown in lots of ways, not least of all, in the ways you interact.

You are showing the signs of a committed relationship, by interacting in such a way that shows you listen to each other. You are each there for the other, and able to say whatever you want, without any retaliation, such as being put down or ridiculed. There are no relationship communication problems.

The consequence of this is that other signs are apparent or obvious. There is an atmosphere of harmony, calm and goodwill.

Another clear sign of a committed relationship that you demonstrate, is where you share the responsibilities associated with living together, such as household chores, and parenting, where children are involved. These are carried out without any point scoring or feeling big-hearted.

As surveys consistently demonstrate, these responsibilities are invariably left to women. This can lead to an undercurrent of resentment and unfairness that pervades the household, leading to other relationship questions.

The alternative is, when you show the signs of a committed relationship and you are sharing, there is a sense of peace and ease, and you are able to relax and enjoy yourselves.

It means you are able to have a satisfying sexual relationship, whatever that may entail, as you are able to negotiate what each one wants, and there is no sense of owing or obligation, or a duty to be performed.

When you have all these signs of a committed relationship in place, it means you lead a much richer, fuller and satisfying life, that is not possible for couples who do not share these qualities.

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