Senior Relationships

Senior relationships is an area in this field of dealing with all aspects of relationships, that does not get its share of the attention warranted in this day and age.

Given the aging of the population that is occurring today, there are many more people in the senior citizens category than ever before.

All aspects associated with this phenomenon needs further attention or consideration, including focusing on the relationships of older people.

Having said that, the first thing to think about overall, is that senior relationships are no different to relationships at any stage during one’s life.

Senoir Relationships

It is important to make this observation, as many older people in relationships can use the excuse of their age as a reason for the procedures they follow.

There have been many aspects of relationships that have been questioned more in recent times than ever before.

A lot of more senior people are prone to isolate themselves from this process, remaining apart from the rest of the world, claiming they are of another generation and it does not apply to them.

The reality then is, we have the situation with so many who continue to function as most people did in the past.

What I’m referring to here is we have the same old circumstance in most senior relationships where the woman takes responsibility for everything.

At this stage of their relationship, both partners are usually at home, neither is going out to work. Yet, invariably, the woman is the one who takes care of all the chores.

She is the one who does the cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping and whatever other household responsibilities needing attention.

To be fair, in this regard, senior relationships are not too different from what happens with the rest of the population.

Surveys that are carried out, consistently show women overwhelmingly, still carry the burden of household and parenting responsibilities.

Nevertheless, this is no excuse. Just as with other relationships, senior relationships are going to be satisfactory for both partners when each operates from the same level.

That is to say that there is no one party that is superior to or inferior to the other, which is the case in so many relationships where one person, usually the woman, carries out virtually all of the domestic tasks.

Traditionally most relationships have operated from the perspective of the man being the head of the family, the king of the castle, the one in charge.

Most longer term relationships would operate from this perspective, and claim this is the right and proper order, based on their own upbringing, and the support given to this view by churches and so on.

The outcome being that men are regarded to have higher status and as such have every right to hold the power in the family.

The consequence here of course is then that women are secondary, have no power, and are the servants, being there at the beck and call of the master.

Most women have operated like this for most of their lives, many not questioning it, simply accepting it as their lot in life.

In senior relationships therefore, this is what is typically being played out as if it is the normal state of affairs. Women are the slaves and men sit back and are attended to.

On the surface everything may look fine, but just as in all other relationships where this takes place, there tends to be an underlying feeling of resentment, because this is not fair, causing marriage relationship problems.

Nothing is said as it is usually thought there is no point, and life carries on. Even though it may seem as if this state of affairs is accepted in senior relationships, these underlying feelings play their part and are detrimental to the relationship,leading to relationship communication problems.

Communication, connection, affection, intimacy, and the sexual relationship, to name a few areas, are affected by this stand off situation.

The solution in senior relationships, as with all others, is to recognize the equality between men and women. When that happens there is no room for this master/servant situation or so-called roles.

Each operates from the same level and everything is shared, leading to satisfying, enjoyable and fulfilling relationships. You should try it!!

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Extraordinary Relationship

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