Relationship Questions

There are so many relationship questions to ask it can be a difficult to know where to start. Among the first to spring to mind are relationship building questions.

Probably one of the most important of these are the relationship compatibility questions.

When entering into a relationship with an expectation that it is going to be for the long term, it is vital that a couple be compatible, otherwise it is virtually inevitable there will be pitfalls on the road ahead.

When involved in a new relationship, questions in this regard are often not asked as couples are walking on air and their thoughts are clouded by the engulfing feeling of ‘being in love’.

They are consumed by the belief that ‘love conquers all’, and relationship questions have no apparent relevance at this time.

As time progresses there may be questions of doubt about compatibility but couples can be so swept off their feet they are likely to be dismissive of such tiresome inconveniences.

It may not be for a long time - even years, before people realize how relationship compatibility questions are so significant to their well-being, and regardless of the feelings they have for each other, it is not in their best interests to stay together.

One of the classic relationship questions with regard to compatibility, is the question of having children. It is not uncommon for one partner to want to have children and the other one does not.

When this is the situation, no amount of ‘love’ is going to make up for the desire of the person who wants to have children, and it is paramount for them to face one of the tough relationship questions.

They are never going to be fulfilled while staying in such a relationship and they have to make the hard decision to separate in order to have those needs met.

There can be other differences between couples that are significant to their well-being that can be ignored or placed into the background, pretending they are not worthy of attention as there are more important things to consider.

An example that comes to mind here is where couples have very different attitudes. This is one of those areas that could be considered in the fun relationship questions.

One partner may be very laid back and enjoys life in their easy going manner and approach to life, everything is taken in their stride as it were, without any major difficulties.

The other may be more serious and uptight and everyday occurrences are seen more as challenges to be met and dealt with.

There is not a lot of room for fun when arrangements are like this and it can be very difficult for the easy going person to get their needs met.

In similar vein another one of the relationship questions concerns the position where one of the partners has an optimistic, outgoing and trusting disposition, and the other has a negative, pessimistic and cynical outlook on life.

It may seem difficult for others to understand how two people with such different characters could be together in the first place.

Perhaps the only thing to say is that it is easy to get caught up in the euphoria or the intense excitement I mentioned earlier, and before you realize, it is years later, you are so established with a house and children, and it is then that the differences rise to the surface and become apparent.

On reflection at this point, given the contrasting personalities of such a couple, one of the relationship questions to ask is what would be the best course of action in such circumstances.

As I get older and time seems to flash by, and I become more acutely aware we only have one chance at this experience called life, it seems obvious to me it is going to be better for each party in such a relationship, to go their own separate way.

Whether people stay together or not is one of the big relationship questions that couples need to ask themselves. I have given some guidelines here that I hope others will find helpful.

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Extraordinary Relationship

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