Relationship Questions To Ask

When thinking about top relationship questions, the important relationship questions to ask are many and varied.

There are relationship compatibility questions, new relationship questions. fun relationship questions, dating relationship questions, abusive relationship questions, relationship advice questions, relationship building questions, just to name a few for a start.

Of all those mentioned, probably the most important relationship questions are the relationship compatibility questions. If couples are not compatible, relationship predictions would suggest their chances of surviving are not very good.

When we include relationship compatibility questions as one of the most important relationships questions to ask, it is because it is vital for couples to be able to be happy together.

It could even be suggested it would be a good idea for any two people who are considering getting involved in a relationship, to think about doing a relationship compatibility quiz before doing so.

This may seem a bit clinical, however it could be a way of avoiding marriage relationship problems such as relationship commitment problems, or interracial relationship problems and to fix relationship problems before they occur, or maybe even to decide it is not a good idea to get together in the first place, after having thoroughly considered the relationship questions to ask

This could enable couples to avoid any serious relationship problem and reduce the need for counseling relationship problems in relation to such things as relationship break up advice, as well as lower the statistics for those people looking for ways to end relationships.

Given I am suggesting relationship compatibility questions are the most important relationship questions to ask, let’s look at what type of things I am referring to.

In my view the primary requirement for a couple to be compatible, and the foundation of the characteristics of healthy relationships is, there has to be equality between the couple.

This is the only way of building a healthy relationship. This is not possible when there is an imbalance between couples, which happens when there is no equality.

I will clarify exactly what I mean by equality, in case some of you are not totally clear about that. This means each party of the couple is on the same level. Neither one is superior or inferior to the other, nor is one more important and the other less important.

Nor is one partner in charge, and the other subservient to that person.

The reason this is in the category of one of the most important relationship questions to ask, is because when there is no equality, you have relationships where one person tends to be the lord and master holding power over and dominating the other person.

Traditionally it has been males who have assumed the position of master, as there has been a long held belief that men are superior to women.

Having established equality as the most important answer to relationship compatibility questions, enables couples who put this into practice between themselves, to sort out any other compatibility questions they may have without any difficulty.

When couples operate from the perspective of equality, if there are ever any relationship questions to ask, they are dealt with without any difficulty because there is mutual respect and caring. Each person listens to their partner, and the ability to understand and share the feelings of each other, is a natural process.

The relationship predictions that flow from having equality between couples is wonderful. It means you have a real connection and intimacy, sharing is a natural outcome. There is no such thing as roles, or competition. Things have to be done, and they are done by either person, without calculating or scoring points.

In contrast when you look at relationship questions to ask when there is no equality, the answers are bleak. There is a continuous stream of relationship issues covering a whole range of relationship problems.

There is no possibility for real connection and intimacy, as each person operates on different levels, leading to relationship communication problems and marriage relationship problems.

Consequently, mentally abusive relationships, and emotionally abusive relationships, and all other aspects of abusive relationships, are common.

If only there were more people who realized what they are missing out on, and were prepared to look at the relationship questions to ask, and made the necessary changes, what a wonderful thing that would be.

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