Relationship Predictions

Relationship predictions is something that is possible to do, depending on the basis of the relationship.

My plan here in this section, is to propose two different ways that relationships can be established, and then show how they would be played out with each couple.

It seems couples, whether they are married or in de facto relationships, or simply boyfriend and girlfriend living together, or not, or any other coupling, is structured in either one of these two ways.

Relationship Predictions

This allows relationship predictions to be made about the outcomes of each one, as there would be a sequence of events that follows a certain course, depending on the foundation.

The two ways I am planning to draw out, are when relationships are based on equality between the couples, and when they are based on inequality.

I’m sure no one would say they have established their relationship on the basis of inequality, but it is demonstrated in the way they lead their lives.

Lets start by looking at the relationship predictions we can make where there is no equality between the couple.

The first thing to clarify is, what do we mean when we talk about equality? This means that each person has the same status, or the same importance. Neither one is superior to, or inferior to the other.

With a couple where here is no equality, there are many relationship predictions that can be made. Probably the first one would be a denial there is inequality.

Regardless, the evidence would be shown in their relationship communication problems. I’m also aware that some of the things I am going to say will create controversy. I expect this, as I know there will be those who say I am going against their beliefs.

The first relationship prediction I would make where there is inequality, is the man is considered to be in charge in the relationship. The man is the head of the family, and he dictates or has the final decision.

This is a common belief and is widespread throughout the world. It is the way most of us have been brought up, and is considered normal by a lot of people.

However, this leads to relationship predictions where men dominate and control in a range of ways that are abusive.

The consequence of this is that it is a lose/lose situation for everyone in the family. People are not happy, and the woman, and children, can feel intimidated or scared.

Other predictions in such a relationship are: there is no possibility for a real connection between the couple, no opportunity for intimacy, lack of communication, no sharing, specific roles,an imbalance with the household responsibilities, a lack of opportunity for having fun, an inadequate sexual relationship etc., etc.

The reality is, such relationships are very widespread, much more so than is ever acknowledged or recognized. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Relationship Predictions

It is possible to have a relationship where there is equality between the couple, and now we are going to look at the relationship predictions that flow from such couplings.

The predictions in such relationships would include:-no need for anyone to be ‘in charge’,-each partner shares the responsibilities,including household and parenting duties, -couples acknowledge and respect each other,-there is a real connection and intimacy, -interaction occurs with ease as each person listens to the other, and there are no relationship communication problems, -there is always a great atmosphere, -never a heavy cloud hanging around, -no need for roles, -or feeling magnanimous,-a great sexual relationship etc., etc.

There you have the relationship predictions between an unequal relationship and an equal one, they are the options, the choice is yours. Which one do you want?

More can be found in my ebook “How to Have An Extraordinary Relationship.”

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