Relationship Compatibility Quiz

Doing a relationship compatibility quiz would be very good new relationship advice for any two people who are considering becoming involved in a long term committed relationship, as a way of avoiding relationship problems before any serious relationship problem arises.

I believe this would be the best advice on love relationships, regardless of the sexual orientation of the people involved, as there is no difference whether it be gay relationship advice, lesbian relationship advice, or heterosexual relationship advice.

The reason I say this is because relationship compatibility questions can be one of the most basic relationship problems, and can be one of the obvious signs of a bad relationship.

A relationship compatibility quiz is a great opportunity to work out what relationship questions to ask enabling each party to be very clear where they stand in relation to a whole lot of relationship questions and answers.

My view is that the most important of the relationship questions is that equality between each person is the primary yardstick of healthy love relationships.

I hasten to add, this applies to all relationships, regardless of sexual orientation. I say this because I have seen gay and lesbian couples, as well as heterosexual couples, as a counselor, where inequality was the overriding problem in the compatibility relationship test.

It was one of the most common relationship problems I encountered with people I saw as clients, I came to refer to it as ‘the same old story’. It is not difficult to identify in any relationship compatibility quiz that is done with couples.

Inequality is one of the most common unhappy relationship problems because it prevents any real connection or intimacy between couples, including sexual relationship problems.

This happens because it creates an imbalance, as if each person is on a different level to the other, one on the upper level, one on the lower level.

The one on the upper level is considered to be better than the one on the lower level, and this leads to communication problems in relationships, as listening becomes a relationship issue in these sort of structures, and relationship communication problems are inevitable.

Maintaining healthy relationships is virtually impossible when there is this imbalance, and this would show in any relationship compatibility quiz. It is a bit like attempting to operate a vehicle with four different sized wheels. Can you imagine how lopsided it would be. In reality it would not function at all.

So it is when there is inequality. The result of the compatibility relationship test would show how uneven the relationship is, and it wouldn’t work, leading many people to want to find out how to end a relationship.

When a relationship compatibility quiz demonstrates there is equality between the couple, it ends up being a whole different story.

There are no common problems in a relationship like relationship communication problems, because when each of the partners is on the same level, respect and acknowledgment of each other is standard practice between them.

This means listening happens naturally and this is an obvious example of one of the traits of a healthy relationship that is an outcome of equality between couples.

It follows there is connection and intimacy between the couple and there are no sex problems in relationship such as this.

All types of fun relationship questions can be part of a relationship compatibility quiz that would accompany a compatibility relationship test where equality is an outcome.

In fact there would be no boundaries that could not be explored, because when there is equality, there would never be any outcomes that would be offensive to either party given respect is the primary attribute of equality.

If there are any other results of the relationship compatibility quiz that may indicate any other differences between couples, such as different attitudes, values or beliefs, this could indicate to couples it may be best for them to find ways to end relationships.

When there is equality between couples, it doesn’t necessarily follow they share the same attitudes, values or beliefs, as the results of a compatibility relationship test would show.

In letting go of a relationship for other reasons where there is equality, it is much more likely couples would deal with how to end a relationship in a very constructive manner, as respect for each other would still be maintained.

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