Relationship Compatibility Questions

Relationship compatibility questions are one of the most important aspects couples need to take into account when they are considering establishing a relationship with each other.

Before proceeding, let us look at what compatible means. It means being able to exist together without conflict.

It means for two people to be able to have an harmonious relationship, that they are well suited, like-minded, well matched, and consistent with each other.

Relationship Compatibility Questions

This is very significant because when people are thinking about a lifetime commitment to each other, these relationship connecting questions are crucial.

They are most likely the determining factors of the relationship predictions between a couple.

If the relationship compatibility questions have not been sorted out, it is not difficult to tell in advance that couples will have issues that are to be expected. It could be helpful at an early stage for couples to do their own relationship compatibility quiz to see how they score in the compatibility relationship test.

In the early stages of a relationship, it is not uncommon for couples to be susceptible to faulty reasoning processes. They are so influenced by the exhilarating effect of ‘being in love.’ Their lack of original thought leads to the overused opinion that ‘love conquers all.’

It is not infrequent for them to follow this path, and the relationship compatibility questions rise to the surface, after they have married.

When this happens, there are various outcomes that are possible. One of these is that couples decide to look at ways to end relationships at an early stage, such as very soon after they get married.

They do this rather than let their lack of compatibility get in the way if they were to continue on with the relationship.

We sometimes see this happening with couples who have had elaborate weddings, and it seems like hardly any time at all later, they are separating. There have been several celebrity relationships where this has occurred.

Other outcomes are the relationship compatibility questions rise to the surface and there are lots of issues that couples have to deal with.

Some think they have to stay together, no matter what, now they are married. This leads to being very unhappy for a long time.

Others can simply drift and put up with the relationship compatibility questions without thinking about their options.

Staying in such a situation is a big price to pay, as life is too short. We only get one shot at it. This is the real thing. It is not a dress rehearsal.

An example of a relationship compatibility question is where a couple have very different belief systems. One may be a devout christian, or a fundamentalist, and the other is an atheist.

Their approach to life would be very different, making it very difficult for them to connect, and affect their level of intimacy and communication.

The same can be said of people who have different political affiliations. It is difficult to imagine how they could relate to each other at a deep level, leading to relationship communication problems.

I am aware of several people where there are these relationship compatibility questions who have been married for a long time. I know they are not really happy, but they stay together, virtually leading separate lives.

There seems too much at stake to make the decision to separate, so they compromise and lead unfulfilled lives. The older I get, I am conscious of what a sacrifice they make, as life is so short.

Sometimes, people with different attitudes end up being in a relationship. One is an optimist, the other is a pessimist. Often they are not even aware there is such a difference between them. It can be obvious to others who know them.

These are just some examples of the relationship compatibility questions couples need to think about seriously before becoming involved in a committed relationship.

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