Relationship Communication

Relationship communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. In fact you could say it is one of the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

Having said that, I’m going to highlight in this section how communication problems is a big issue for so many people, and consequently, has a huge impact on the functioning of any healthy relationship.

I’m going to explain what I think is the prime reason (and this is a key point!) why this is such a big problem, and then give an explanation that makes all the difference to how you can overcome relationship communication problems.

Relationship Communication

You are going to find information here you won’t usually hear, when you look for ways to deal with relationship communication problems. When I go through this with you, I’m sure you will see how obvious it is, and in reality, how simple it is to deal with.

Sometimes, the simplicity of an explanation can be a stumbling block when looking for solutions to common problems in a relationship

However, I assure you, if you have an open mind, you will be so pleased with this way of dealing with a difficult situation.

The topic of relationship communication problems, is something I have encountered numerous times with a lot of people I have seen over the many years I have been involved in counseling.

On almost every occasion the dynamics I come across are the same. So much so that I came to refer to it as ‘the same old story.’

How often do we hear women say such things as “he never listens to me”. Given the number of times it is said, I suspect it is something most women experience at some stage, and is one of the major marriage relationship problems.

I have heard women say, it is not only in relationships they have this experience, but at other times as well, such as, at social gatherings, and in work situations.

Why is this so? My view is, are you ready for it, I think there is an issue here with us males and the way we have been encouraged to think that leads to this relationship communication issue.

“Oh really!” you say “how does that provide an answer.” Hang on, I haven’t finished yet, there is more to the explanation, that is just the beginning.

The way we have been encouraged to think, is, that we are superior to women. There are a number of things that flow from that, but we are only focusing on the relationship communication outcomes here.

Some people will dispute my statement about how we have been instructed to think about women, yet this has been firmly established, and I go into it more elsewhere.

Suffice to say, the blueprint in relation to this is, has been firmly imbedded on our subconscious minds, and if we don’t tend to this, it is unavoidable we operate from this perspective, and one of the outcomes, is relationship communication problems.

The way I see this operating is, that if we as men see ourselves as being superior, then women are inferior. That means we are on two different levels, men on the upper level, women on the lower one.

So when it comes to relationship communication, the way I see things happening, especially since so many women experience men not listening, is, as men we are saying, “I don’t have to listen to you, who do you think you are, you’re not on my level.”

We are not actually saying this, but the way we behave is a demonstration of this. It stems from that blueprint I mentioned.

Have you noticed it is only women who are accused of so-called nagging?

When attempting to establish communication in the relationship has failed when they are not heard,they try to be heard again, and are put back in their place this time, by being accused of nagging.

Are you ready for the solution? As I said earlier, it is pretty simple. All that has to happen is, that we as men, need to change how we think, replace the blueprint.

Men and women are on the same level, we are of equal status. When it comes to relationship communication, this means we listen. When we listen we are acknowledging that the other person is on the same level. Problem solved!! Now get on with it!!

You’ll find more in my ebook, “How to Have An Extraordinary Relationship."

Extraordinary Relationship

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