Relationship Break Up Advice

Relationship break up advice is something everyone should seek, when at the stage of thinking about ways to end relationships.

This is particularly the case when children are involved, as they need to be given priority at this difficult time.

So if you are at this stage, I am going to give you some relationship break up advice I am hoping will help you get through this, in the most unscathed way possible.

To start with, I am going to cover things you can do, that will enable the children to come through any perils unharmed.

Relationship Break Up Advice

It is so important the children be involved in the process. At an early stage in the break up procedure, as a couple, you need to be very mature, put aside whatever the relationship issues are that are coming between you, sit down together, and discuss how you are going to include the children/child in the process.

The relationship break up advice I would suggest to start with is to be very clear between yourselves, what it is you are going to say to the child/children.

You need to be very clear about this and you can even practice between yourselves exactly what you are going to say to avoid any relationship communication problems.

As I give this advice I am mindful of the fact that not all couples are going to manage this level of maturity. I am thinking particularly when things are not conducive to this possibility, for example, when abuse is involved, and the abuser is not likely to cooperate.

Having worked out what you are going to say, the relationship break up advice that comes next, is to sit down with the children/child, and share with them, what you have decided.

This is particularly so when there are adolescent children involved in order to avoid any teenage relationship problems.

I expect you will tell them, you are not happy being together anymore, and you have decided to live separately. Immediately you both tell them how much you love them, and want them in your lives, and both to be able to see them as much as possible.

The best relationship break up advice I can give, is that the children/child are very clear about this, and what is mentioned in the previous paragraph needs to be covered in about 45 seconds.

The reason for this advice, is that children’s minds can be racing like crazy at this time. They need to hear this information as quickly as possible, otherwise they are trying to work out how to make sense of this for themselves.

Their way of making sense of it can be, they think they have something to do with it. They think they are responsible for your decision to separate.

This relationship break up advice is so important. The reason being, when children are not involved in the process, they can react in all sorts of ways that are not positive.

Some people separate without telling the children anything. I am aware of one young woman where this happened. She was only 9 at the time and for the next 7 years she was involved in a world of drugs and having sex. By the time she was 16, she had sex with 22 males.

Fortunately, at that stage in her life, she managed to get the help she needed, and in the process, sorted things out with her parents, who had no idea what she had been doing. It was a happy ever after story, which was nice.

Another piece of relationship break up advice to share with you is that it is important to be civil at this period of time. By that I mean being courteous and polite to each other thus avoiding any relationship communication problems.

Couples can be so caught up in their ‘stuff’, that this is something they may never consider. No one benefits when you carry on with each other in negative or nasty ways.

You’ve had enough of this previously haven’t you? Now you are separating and can move on from that. If the other party is being uncivil, you don’t have to be the same.

You have a choice to be different, it will be better for you, and may have a positive impact on the other person as well.

Clinging on to hatred, anger or resentment, only eats away at the core of your inner self, and can be damaging to you.

So here you have some relationship break up advice that can make all the difference to the rest of your life. All I would hope is, if you are in this situation, you take advantage of what I have shared with you, and put it into practice.

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