Relationship Advice for Men

Relationship advice for men is much more sought after today as there tends to be a predicament for many men because of changes that are occurring.

Previously everything was clear cut and men slotted into a way of being that was considered acceptable by most people, particularly men.

Nowadays, this is not the case and a lot of men are confused and seeking relationship advice to clarify where they stand, as many are not sure of the characteristics of healthy relationships.

Relationship Advice for Men

There are many men who have the idea they are at a disadvantage and seek relationship advice in order to be supported in that view.

Others are open to accepting the advice that everyone - men, women and children, benefit greatly when these changes occur in relationships.

The changes that are occurring include shifts in thinking about the structure of families. These include the advice that it is no longer the case that men assume the position of the head or being in charge in a relationship.

Previous relationship advice for men had indicated this was the proper formation of relationships. It meant that there were many who accepted the advice to the extent of being dominant in relationships and holding power over women and children, which amounts to an abusive relationship.

This advice is still common in the world, and men are considered by many to hold higher status, and consequently, therefore, are rightfully the masters, or are in charge in relationships.

Many men still adhere to this way of thinking to the degree they think they can behave in any way they wish in marriage. Including treating women badly in all sorts of ways.

So much so that lots of women are abused physically, sexually, verbally, emotionally, psychologically etc., etc., creating all the marriage relationship problems that are part of abusive relationships.

This is because men receive the advice that they can do whatever they want because as the masters, they are encouraged to dominate in relationships.

Not all men are swayed by this advice or modeling about relationships as they have rejected this view recognizing the benefits of doing so and behaving differently.

The most beneficial relationship advice for men is that in order for a couple to have the most satisfying experience in their marriage or relationship, each partner needs to have the same status.

That means no one is superior to or less than the other. Each is on the same level, which is one of the traits of a healthy relationship.

This allows the relationship to function in such a way that is not possible when men take the position of being superior, or being in charge or holding power over.

Following this relationship advice for men and women means the relationship can operate in such a way that most people don’t even realize is conceivable.

It means anyone who follows this advice in partnerships, can have a relationship beyond their wildest dreams.

They will have a connection and level of intimacy that will make a thorough and dramatic change to their relationship.

This relationship advice for men, particularly, will revolutionize their life experience. Those who follow this advice, will be set apart from those who follow the old worn path, that leads to an isolated journey where one remains alone or apart from others.

There is much for men to gain in following this relationship advice. It will mean a better sexual relationship as each person’s needs are considered, not just the man’s as is usually the case in unbalanced relationships, but also the woman's.

There will be more fun and harmony. Each person will be relaxed and be themselves, leading to a greater feeling of confidence and self esteem.

Following through with this relationship advice for men, leads to any number of other outcomes and we gain so much that creates a fuller and more satisfying life. The choice is ours.

I go into much more detail about relationship advice for men in my ebook "How to Have An Extraordinary Relationship."

Extraordinary Relationship

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