Platonic Relationships

When platonic relationships is ever mentioned it usually refers to a friendship with a person of the opposite sex, that is close and affectionate, but not sexual.

In the case of same sex couples, the same thing, a close friendship that is not sexual.

There is much debate about platonic relationships, as some have the view that such relationships are not possible, and lead to marriage relationship problems such as relationship trust issues.

Platonic Relationships

There are views put forward, that because of the way we are genetically wired, it is not possible for us to have such a relationship.

The suggestion being, of course, that the natural inclination for us, is, to be attracted to the opposite sex, to the extent that wanting a sexual connection is too overwhelming for us to be able to have platonic relationships.

Personally, I think that explanation is a lot of rot, and I’m sure it would be proposed by men rather than women.

I think this is because, there is a tendency on the part of a lot of men, to only see women in sexual terms. That is to say, women are seen as sexual objects.

This being the case, has the impact on a lot of women, that it virtually precludes them from being able to have a non sexual relationship with men. A lot of men ‘come on’ to women, as they don’t seem to know how to relate to them in other ways

This even leads to situations where women end up being sexually harassed, or abused.

Naturally, women are outraged at such behavior, but can be left feeling confused when men respond by saying things like “ what’s wrong with you, can’t you take a joke?”

Given there is this doubt about the possibility of having a non sexual relationship, has other consequences.

Many men do not believe it is possible for their partners/girlfriends/wives/spouses, to have friendships with other men, and are always suspicious that there is the possibility of them having an affair, if they have anything to do with other men, leading to relationship trust issues.

This attitude is not limited to men, but I’m sure it is much more so than with women.

Another demonstration of this belief about the unlikely possibility of having platonic relationships, is evidenced at a lot of social gatherings.

What you see is the women gather in groups, and the men gather in groups. People often feel uncomfortable if it is not like this and relationship trust issues come to the fore.

The sad thing about all this is that people are missing out on so much. Of course it is possible to have platonic relationships.

The trouble is, there are so many negative attitudes about this possibility that are very widespread, and they tend to dictate what we do to fit in with these attitudes.

Friendships are friendships, whether they be with someone of the same sex or not is neither here nor there. A close non sexual friendship with a person of the opposite sex, is an experience that enhances our lives, and it is a shame if we miss out on this.

I would hope, if any of you have been unsure about whether you can have successful platonic relationships, that I have given you some ideas that will enable you to enjoy the benefits of such relationships.

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Extraordinary Relationship

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