New Relationship Questions

At the beginning of any relationship there are many new relationship questions that need to be asked by each person, as the answers to these questions can have far-reaching consequences.

One of the first relationship questions to ask is to find out where each of you stands in terms of commitment. This can be one of the most important relationship questions to ask as relationship commitment problems is an issue for a lot of people.

This can be for a variety of reasons. One of these could be that you were in another relationship previously and there are still some overcoming relationship breakup issues that have not been fully resolved for you.

You can be thinking things like, “things didn’t work out for me last time why should this be any different.” Sometimes you may not even realize you are doing this as it could be happening on a subconscious level.

When you discover this in your new relationship questions session, if there are strong indicators otherwise that there are good foundations for building a healthy relationship, it will be crucial for you to resolve this. If it is not dealt with, it will become a wedge between you if you proceed without doing so.

If you are not sure how to do this, seeing a good therapist/counselor, can help you sort this out. Often people can be reluctant to take that step - particularly men, because they think it is a sign of weakness, or there is something wrong with them.

In simple terms, counseling is about giving people ideas about how to become unstuck. It is easy to remain fixed in a particular position and unable to move on if we don’t know how to become unstuck.

All I would suggest is to get a recommendation to a counselor/therapist who is good at helping people become unstuck, particularly in relation to new relationship questions such as this.

Another one of the relationship commitment questions among the relationship questions and answers to consider is the issue of having children.

Sometimes couples get together and the question of having children is not asked. If you want to have children, it can be an assumption on your part that your partner does as well.

You may discover after some time, that your partner has no desire to have children and it can become a serious relationship problem.

This should be one of the new relationship questions that is high on the agenda, as it is fundamental to the likely relationship predictions of the success of your relationship.

It may seem obvious, but another one of the first relationship questions to ask, is to be clear about whether you love each other.

This is very important new relationship advice for a number of reasons. If you love your partner but your partner does not love you, or vice versa, this is a recipe for the signs of a bad relationship.

If you are the one who loves your partner and that love is not reciprocated, you will feel spurned, rejected and unsatisfied, and you will not be happy. As Victor Hugo said, “The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved.”

If you discover this when going through your new relationship questions, it is crucial you realize that going ahead or continuing with the relationship, is a huge sacrifice to make. My new relationship advice would be to say the sacrifice would be too great, and would inevitably lead to stress and relationship problems.

As a counselor, one of the common problems in a relationship I have come across many times, is when women have been seduced by men who have been on their best behavior before getting married, and then their true identity is revealed.

It can become a very controlling relationship where some men hold power over and dominate women in various ways. This is an outcome of believing they are in charge and have ownership rights as it were.

These signs of an abusive relationship are often not evident when you go through your new relationship questions.

These can become very abusive relationships. They can be mentally abusive relationships, emotionally abusive relationships or verbally abusive relationships, or indeed physically or sexually abusive relationships.

The new relationship advice I would give here is to suggest you take your time, don’t rush into anything. Sometimes women have been swept off their feet only to discover it is a different story when they are married, even on the first night with some.

When thinking of new relationship questions, it would be a good idea to ask people who have known your prospective partner for some time, to find out if there is anything they can tell you about how he may have been in any other relationships.

Some other new relationship advice would be to observe your prospective partner’s father or other family members if that is possible. Many men are taught well by the modeling they get from their fathers, regardless of the type of modeling.

Of the many men in abusive relationships I have seen as clients who have been the perpetrator wanting to deal with their abusive behavior, many have been able to identify they have observed their fathers behaving abusively.

There are so many new relationship questions to consider before you embark on one of the most profound journeys of life. I have just touched on a few here that I hope will give some ideas for a start.

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