Men and Relationships

Men and relationships is a topic that there is so much to write about. My aim here is cover many aspects of this subject with a view to enabling both men and women to have much better relationships.

Ironically, you often hear how difficult it is to understand women in relationships, or women in general. I’m not sure where this stems from, but I’m sure you know what I mean and you have heard it at some stage.

Of course it has to have been men who have expressed this and one might wonder if it isn’t some sort of defense mechanism to ward off, or avoiding relationship problems, or investigating men and relationships in general.

It could be suggested this is done unconsciously by men as a method to avert any conflict or anxiety that might arise from such an examination. It could be seen as a diversionary tactic, without any clear evidence for such an assertion.

The other side of the coin is, for many women, men remain a mystery. They find them difficult or impossible to understand or explain, often leading to relationship communication problems.

Often expressed as a simple exclamation, Men!, done in combination with shrugging of shoulders and upturned hands.

Let’s assume the body of facts or information available indicating whether the proposition about women is true or valid, is weak and unconvincing, and accept the impression about men, and see if we can’t solve the relationship compatibility quiz.

What do we know that might bring about this assertion in relation to men and relationships, and men in general.

I would think one of the first exhibits to be laid on the table as testimony to this opinion, is the oft stated claim that not expressing feelings is common among men.

Many women pull their hair out and beat their breasts in frustration in response to this regular experience with the men in their lives.

As a counselor, I’ve regularly heard women say such things as “I never know what he is thinking or feeling.”

In conjunction with this is the failure to understand and share the feelings of others that is demonstrated by a lot of men. This is incomprehensible to the women who have this experience with men and relationships.

At times unconvincing apologies are trotted out in feeble attempts to cover up, often done in a lighthearted or joking manner, and that is very condescending.

One of the most prevalent expressions I’ve heard from women about men and relationships is that they never listen to them, which could be seen as one of the signs of a bad relationship.

In attempts to be heard, women often repeat themselves, only to be met with being told not to nag.

Women have also told me they experience this in social gatherings with men as well. In fact, when you are alert to this it is not difficult to detect.

There are views expressed that things have changed on the home front. Yet when surveys are done the data tells a different story.

There are even suggestions some men remain longer at work to evade the period of chaos late in the day associated with having young children.

How can the issues that are mentioned about men and relationships be explained? What is the problem, and what can be done to bring about the changes that will make all the difference for both men and women, so there is a win/win situation?

Are you ready for the explanation? What I am going to share with you can make all the difference to your relationships so you can avoid the ongoing marriage relationship problems that are so common, and have a fuller, richer, and more satisfying life.

There is only one way I can make sense of this state of affairs between men and women that leads to so many problems, and a lose/lose situation for everyone involved.

I think the problem is connected with the fact that as males we have been brainwashed or indoctrinated from the day we are born into believing we are superior to women.

This has lead to men and relationships demonstrating all the aspects that have been mentioned above. Men are superior, women are inferior. Superior beings don’t get involved with feelings like inferior beings, we are above that, we are not weaklings.

Us superior lot don’t have to listen to you inferior lot, who do you think you are are, you are not on our level. We also don’t have to be concerned with how you feel either, after all you don’t count, so how you feel doesn’t matter.

We are the masters or bosses or the ones in charge, and we can do what we like, and you have no right to question us. Your role is primarily to be the servant.

The only way things can work for the benefit of everyone including men and relationships, is to recognize we are all on the same level. Men and women are equal.

When we function from this perspective, listening, expressing thoughts and feelings, being empathetic, sharing etc., etc., are natural outcomes and a win/win/ for everyone, and relationship communication problems are not an issue.

In terms of men and relationships,if you are open to this explanation you will realize all the benefits you can gain by putting this into practice.

There is more in my eBook “How to Have An Extraordinary Relationship.”

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