Love Relationship Advice

Love relationship advice can be something any person could be seeking at various times during the period of a relationship.

At the beginning of a relationship, people can be unsure if they love the other person or not. One hears the question, “how can I tell if I really love him/her or not?”

There can be a number of responses to this question, such as if you find you want to be with this person all the time. When you are with them you feel so good, this is all that matters, there is hardly any awareness of anything else.

Love Relationship Advice

On hearing this you can be thinking this is all the advice on love relationships I need as I know exactly what that is like.

In addition, you can find if you are not together, that the other person is on your mind constantly and all you can think about is wanting to be with them.

You can have this feeling of deep pleasure and satisfaction that shows in your expression and behavior .

This can also mean you are so distracted and have difficulty focusing or concentrating on anything else.The love relationship advice needed here is that adjustments need to be made or your job may be in jeopardy.

This can be all well and good and absolutely wonderful if the person you feel this way about feels the same way about you. It is as if all your dreams have come true, and, this is how things can turn out.

On the other hand, the love relationship advice that needs to be given is, that this great feeling is not always mutual. That is to say, it is not the same for both people in the relationship.

When this happens it is a totally different story. For the person who feels this way it can be absolutely devastating.

It can be something you have been searching for for a long time and to realize it is one-sided, can be such a big letdown. It can be depressing and can lead to relationship problems.

Unfortunately the only love relationship advice that can be given here is that there is nothing you can do about it. You can’t change how someone else feels. It is a matter of getting on with things and realizing it can be a new relationship problem.

At the same time if you feel you are affected a lot by this and it is getting in the way for you, the only other advice I can give you is that it might be helpful to have some relationship problems counseling. If possible see a counselor someone can recommend.

When the feeling is mutual, it is certainly a great thing to experience. People can then decide they want to spend their lives together and commit to an on-going relationship or get married.

As time goes by, and people get caught up in the everyday experiences of life, they can easily lose sight of those wonderful feelings of ‘being in love.’

The best love relationship advice I can give here is that, it is so important to remember those feelings and acknowledge them regularly. Mutual love is so precious it is of the utmost urgency to rekindle it often.

Some other love relationship advice that is critical to mention is that it is unwise to get involved in a marriage or on-going committed relationship where there is no feeling of love.

Sometimes people can think, or feel pressured into thinking, they should get married as they are getting older.

They may want to have children and therefore think they need to get married.

These can be recipes for disaster as there is an emptiness there that cannot be filled if there is no love in the relationship.

I go into more detail about the benefits of a great relationship in my ebook “How To Have An Extraordinary Relationship.”

Extraordinary Relationship

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