Letting Go of a Relationship

Letting go of a relationship can be difficult for a lot of people when a relationship ends. The obstacles can vary considerably depending on the circumstances.

Sometimes people can get really stuck and feel like their world has come to an end. There usually is so much invested in a relationship that when it ends you become lost and unsure about the best ways to end relationships.

Letting go of a relationship can seem so strange as it has been a way of life for you, this can be especially so when you have been in the relationship for a long time.

Letting Go of a Relationship

There has been a pattern to your life that has been so predictable that when it is over, it can seem overwhelming to move on.

There can be so much focus on the lifestyle you had together. You can be thinking about where you were, what you did, who you saw and so on and so on, that this gets in the way of letting go of a relationship.

When you are the one who did not want to end the relationship, the process of letting go involves various dimensions.

There can be a whole range of feelings to deal with such as anger, resentment, rejection, hurt, depression etc., as well as feelings of low self esteem, leading to relationship revenge issues.

It is crucial to resolve these feelings in letting go of a relationship as they can interfere with getting on with life. They can have the effect of making you feel like a victim and that everything is so unfair and the marriage relationship problems can linger for a long time.

Sometimes it can be necessary or helpful to seek the assistance of a professional in order to achieve this. I would suggest you see a therapist who is recommended, rather than seeing someone at random.

A helpful part of the process of letting go of a relationship, is to acknowledge what we have got going for us in our lives. Sometimes, when we get stuck, it is easy to loose sight of this.

Look at all the things we have to be grateful for. Our family and friends, the opportunities available to us, how lucky we are to be alive.

When do any of us think about fully appreciating the phenomenal process we have all been through just to be here in the first place. The fact that one tiny spermatozoa won the race to fertilize the egg that resulted in becoming who we are. The chances are amazing.

When letting go of a relationship seems overwhelming, just think of the hazards you survived just to be here in the first place. The possibilities for any of us not being here are outstanding.

This can also help us appreciate the wonders of the world and the universe. Take us out of ourselves and enable us to move on. We can realize we only have one chance at this life and it is important to make the most of it, rather than missing out by staying stuck in not letting go of a relationship.

Another circumstance many of us are inevitably going to experience at some stage in our lives,is, when a partner dies. This can be another occasion when letting go of a relationship can be a stumbling block.

Sometimes what happens is the surviving partner thinks they have to remain loyal and faithful to the person who has died. There are a number of aspects to this.

It can mean thinking it is not acceptable to become involved in another relationship. Or it is not suitable to be enjoying life, as if it is being untrue to the person who has died.

The same things apply that I’ve already said in terms of letting go of a relationship. It is important to come to terms with the situation, this can mean going through a grieving process and then getting on with life.

I remember seeing a woman as a client whose husband died suddenly. I helped her deal with the grief she experienced. When she did that she was able to move on.

When he was alive he took care of areas like dealing with money and getting the car serviced etc. She decided she needed to become proficient in these areas and, among other things, she did a course on servicing a car and was so proud of herself.

Rather than not letting go of the relationship, she took the opportunity to do things she would never have contemplated before. Consequently, she felt very good about herself and increased her confidence immensely.

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Extraordinary Relationship

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