How To Save A Relationship

The main point to make in relation to how to save a relationship is that you must be totally committed to wanting to achieve this. There is no point in being half hearted about it, you need to really want the relationship to work.

It is also important to say that this is what you want for yourself, not because this is what someone else wants.

On the other hand, if you are wanting to know how to save a relationship and the person you are wanting to achieve this with doesn’t want a bar of it, then there is literally nothing you can do about it, no matter how much you might want to save it.

How to Save a Relationship

Often, this is how it can be, and for the person who wants to save the relationship, it can be very upsetting and take some time to come to terms with handling relationship problems.

Sometimes, when people who are in this position where they want to and the other person does not, they often deal with the situation in ways that are not very pleasant for the other person, leading to a serious relationship problem.

This can mean behaving in such a way that amounts to harassing the other person and it can become an abusive controlling relationship.

In their attempts at working at how to save the relationship, they can be making contact in all sorts of ways, such as phoning, sending text messages, writing emails and also turning up a lot of the time where the other person may be - such as their home or workplace.

This behavior has the opposite effect. It has a negative impact on the other person, confirming they are doing the right thing.

There is no thought how this is for the other person, as the one who wants to work out how to save the relationship is so consumed with their own needs and this can be one of the serious marriage relationship problems.

If both partners are wanting the relationship to work, then that is another matter altogether. However, even when this may be the case, there could be a lot of things to consider.

There could have been any number of issues that arose during the relationship that can make it very difficult to work out how to save the relationship.

One partner may have been involved in cheating by having an affair. This is a breech of trust, and no matter what the guilty party does, there is often nothing that can change the situation enough to enable the couple to work out how to save a relationship resulting in continual relationship trust issues.

What often happens in these situations as well, is that, the person who is at fault, does not fully appreciate the feelings of resentment and hurt the person experiences, who feels they have been unfairly treated.

This creates challenges as to how to save a relationship, for as much as both parties may wish to save it, this can present obstacles that are too great to overcome as there are ongoing relationship trust issues.

The couple may decide to proceed with the marriage or relationship, but find as they go ahead, the feelings of distrust on the part of the aggrieved person are such, it can make it very difficult to arrive at ways of how to save the relationship.

Trust is a precious ingredient in any functioning, healthy and satisfying relationship. When it is violated, it becomes almost impossible to work out how to save a relationship, as lingering doubts remain about the trustworthiness of the culpable person.

The same can be said for relationships where there is any type of abuse. Even though many couples stay together after there have been abusive episodes it could hardly be said they have worked out ways of how to save a relationship between them that involves dealing with the abusive relationship issues.

It is often more a matter of co-existing without any real intimacy or connection between them. You would find, with couples like this, they haven’t found genuine ways of how to save a relationship that others have done.

I know I have not been very encouraging in what I have had to say here, and rather than focusing on how to save a relationship in a lot of situations, it is probably better to be thinking of ways to end relationships in the best possible way, as many are beyond saving.

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Extraordinary Relationship

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