How To End A Relationship

How to end a relationship when the situation between a couple has reached that point is very important it is done in such a way that it is in everyone’s best interests, especially if there are children involved.

So often people stay together in a relationship, or marriage, for the sake of the children, as the generally accepted wisdom that abounds tends to suggest it is best for the children, and marriage relationship problems are secondary.

Obviously this is so if the situation between couples can be salvaged, but if it is beyond repair, it is a good idea that people work out how to end a relationship that is best for kids.

For a start, it is vital they be involved in the process. There are examples where people have separated and the children were told nothing.

When that happens, children are likely to work out some explanation that has them as the culprits or wrongdoers who are responsible for this outcome.

Consequently, they also become the judge and executioner and believe they are deserving of some sort of punishment, and as there has not been any prior misdeed committed, they work out very ingenious ways of misbehaving, so that the penalty fits the crime.

Some children have been known to resort to such pursuits as robbery, others to promiscuity and others to drinking or drug consumption etc.

One young woman was only nine when her parents separated without telling her a thing, leading to mother daughter relationship problems. By the time she was 16 she had sexual activities with 22 different males.

Fortunately in that case the parents discovered the best way how to end a relationship did not equate with the way they managed their separation. With professional assistance, they were able to resolve this to everyone’s satisfaction.

Many don’t have such good outcomes and some children can be locked into a series of criminal exploits as a way of life.

The best way of handling how to end a relationship would always place the needs of the children as the highest priority.

This can easily be forgotten when couples are caught up in handling relationship problems between themselves that totally preoccupies them.

Neither of these predicaments is in anyone’s best interests, so it would be a matter of people who are thinking of separating, to plan to avoid such behavior.

I realize that might be easier said than done, but if people can allow a level of maturity to reign when involved in marriage relationship problems, it is possible to make decisions to have the situation work that way.

When involving children in the separation, and in the best way of handling how to end a relationship, it is crucial each partner assures them of their love and that you will both be very much involved in their lives.

The reassurance about this latter aspect is also vital as sometimes children can assume they will not be seeing one parent, usually the father, as it can appear this is the case for other children they know whose parents have separated.

Indeed, it is actually the case for a number of children, and they find it very difficult, and once again tend to try and make sense of it by thinking it is something to do with them in some way, and it can have a very negative impact on them leading to such things as mother daughter relationship problems.

Another aspect that is part of how to end a relationship, is the living arrangements for the children, and it is clear to them how things will be. Of course most of this applies to when children are younger.

With older children things can be somewhat flexible, and they can be more involved in the process of how things are worked out.

I realize most of the focus here has been on the children, but as I said earlier, this needs to be the priority when working out how to end a relationship.

When this is done properly, it enables couples handling relationship problems, and all the other aspects of ending a relationship in a civilized manner, which can be great modeling for children and the outcome is that it is in the best interests for everyone.

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