Healthy Love Relationships

Healthy love relationships is an important topic to cover in the context of relationship tips for an extraordinary relationship.

I make this point, because there are some relationships that can appear to be healthy, but on closer examination they are not and there can be some basic relationship problems.

I am referring to a range of how things stand between a number of couples, that would actually be the direct opposite of healthy love relationships, and tend towards marriage relationship problems.

I’m thinking of couples who are very dependent on each other. To some outsiders it can appear as if they have a great relationship, but this is far from being the case.

Healthy Love Relationships

They can be so reliant on each other that they become very clingy and lost, when not together. It is almost as if they are helpless when they are apart.

It can also be the case that what might appear to fit into the healthy love relationships category, are those couples who lack sufficient self esteem, that they need to stick to one another in any social gathering.

This can also apply to situations when they are apart, and the one who stays at home can fret or feel uneasy about what their partner might be doing, which seems to relate to relationship trust issues.

Sometimes it can be a matter of one partner making the other person subject to them in a subordinate manner. This is most likely to be the man treating the woman this way.

This can be manifested in a variety of ways. Such as the woman always having to be conscious of how long she has been out, if she goes shopping or the like. She has to explain her whereabouts the whole time, hardly examples of healthy love relationships.

I am reminded of an occasion when my partner went to the gym and she met a woman we had both known for a short time.

She suggested to her they go for a coffee afterwards. Her reaction was amazing. She said she couldn’t as her husband would be wondering where she was, and what she would be up to. This would strongly indicate signs of a controlling relationship.

My partner’s observation was this woman did not see anything unusual about this, it was obviously something she experienced in her relationship. At the time she had been married about thirty years.

There are others I could mention, but I’m sure these examples will give you some idea about what does not fit into this category.

Let’s now look at what can be classed as healthy love relationships. The first thing would be that each partner in the relationship is able to be themselves.

Each is confident and independent and somebody in their own right, apart from the relationship, having close friends and acquaintances separate from each other.

This is perfectly acceptable and in no way is it a threat to the relationship. On the contrary, it enriches the connection between the couple, as they are not reliant on being dependent on each other, and shows characteristics of healthy relationships.

In healthy love relationships, couples acknowledge and respect each other. This is done genuinely, without any hint of compliance, or acting in a condescending manner.

There is equality between couples, neither is superior or inferior to the other.

This has all sorts of positive consequences. It means each partner operates from the same perspective. There is no division of responsibilities, all traits of a healthy relationship.

This means that in healthy love relationships, there is always a delightful and comfortable atmosphere where each partner is relaxed and at ease, with no need for any unease or underlying resentment.

Should anything at all arise that needs attention, it gets dealt with there and then in a calm and relaxed manner. None of this nonsense of not talking, sometimes for days, or harboring anger or whatever under the surface.

So many people live with a multitude of unresolved issues in their relationships, leading to a life of unease, sadness, stress and so on.

It does not have to be like that. Everyone can be in healthy love relationships. Adjustments might need to be made, like getting out of the relationship you are now in maybe, or whatever.

The fact is life is too short to put up with misery when there are options.

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