Ending A Bad Relationship

Ending a bad relationship has many aspects to it that need to be taken into consideration.

One of the first of those is to decide whether it is the correct thing to do or not.

In the guidelines I am going to cover here I am going to be primarily looking at the issues associated with ending a bad relationship that is an abusive relationship.

The issues associated with this situation can be rather complex and for those who are not familiar with these problems, this dating and relationship information will possibly be an eye-opener for you.

Ending a Bad Relationship

For those of you who are in abusive relationships, I would like to think what I have to say here can be helpful for you.

It can often be confusing and frustrating for friends and family (and some counselors, particularly those not experienced in dealing with abusive relationships) when a woman who is being abused does not seem to be focusing on finding ways she can end the relationship.

What these confused and frustrated well-meaning people are not aware of, are, the dynamics that occur in abusive relationships.

One of the first to mention here are the circumstances when men promise that the abuse will never happen again. Even though the women may have heard this many times before, and it has continued, they can be affected by the men’s seemingly genuine manner.

They seam so sincere and are very nice and appealing when they are like this. This is what the women want and when they glimpse this, they hope this is how things will continue to be and all thoughts of leaving go out the window.

It is very important for those close to women in these circumstances, to remain supportive and patient and realize that ending these relationships can involve quite a process.

Other aspects that come into abusive relationships, is that women can be threatened in all sorts of ways. Firstly, if they are thinking of leaving, they can be told they will be killed

Many women are killed when they leave. Here in Sydney, a man was convicted of murdering his wife a few weeks ago, after she had said she was going to leave him.

His actions were very premeditated including the process of acquiring a gun and rehearsing where he was going to kill her.

This received a lot of publicity, and no doubt had an impact on women in similar circumstances who have received such threats, and would effect their thoughts about ending a bad relationship.

Men who are abusive, often respond to women who are indicating they are going to leave, by telling them they will kill themselves if they do. This is very manipulative and is aimed at stopping them from leaving.

Murder/suicides are not uncommon. Sometimes the whole family is killed. These also have such an impact on women stopping them from leaving abusive relationships.

Another thing that happens is that when leaving an abusive relationship, the children can be killed as a way of seeking relationship revenge. A recent case was where a man deliberately drove his car into water and his two sons drowned.

He maintained it was an accident but he was convicted of murdering them. This also received a lot of publicity and would have had an impact on women affecting their decisions about ending a bad relationship.

It is important to say that any woman who is in an abusive relationship, should make the most of the services that are available to help in these circumstances where you may be thinking of ending a bad relationship.

The only other advice I would give, considering many abusive men are notorious for their ability to track women down after ending a bad relationship, is, move somewhere far away and change your identity!

There is more information in my ebook "How to Have An Extraordinary Relationship".

Extraordinary Relationship

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