Emotionally Abusive Relationships

When it comes to abuse in relationships, emotionally abusive relationships would rate very highly among those that are most prevalent.

This is a big issue, and one of the problems with it is, that often when this type of abuse is used, it is done in a supposedly humorous manner.

This makes it even more of a problem, as those on the receiving end are made out to be spoil sports when they object to the abuse.

This is particularly so in emotionally abusive relationships where abusive behavior such as sexual harassment occurs.

Emotionally Abusive Relationships

When women who are the victims of this type of behavior, take issue with abusive men who treat them this way, they are accused of being odd, and not able to have some fun.

Emotionally abusive men like this are notorious for their lack of taking any responsibility for their wrongdoing, as if they are entitled to do anything they want, and its the woman’s problem, not theirs.

These type of emotionally abusive relationships occur in a range of places. For example, they can take place in social settings or workplaces and so on.

I became aware of one situation recently that occurred in my home town, a small place with less than 10,000 people.

A woman, who was the only female officer at the local Ambulance Station, was treated mercilessly over a considerable period of time, by the other male officers who were abusive men.

Any attempts to seek assistance fell on deaf ears. One incident that showed the signs of emotional abuse occurred when other staff urinated throughout her toilet.

She eventually committed suicide by hanging herself on her daughters swing in her own backyard!

In emotionally abusive relationships between couples, there is a whole range of things that occur.

It is important to emphasize this abuse is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men. I say this because there is a common view abroad today, that women are just as likely to be abusive as men.

My view about that is, this is poppycock - it is nonsense. Sure there are some women who are abusive but there is no way there is any comparison.

Women throughout the world are subjected to all types of abusive behavior. The problem is rampant and has barely been touched. Then we get this red herring thrown at us to take us off course.

In emotionally abusive relationships, women are riddled with unpleasant and undesirable comments and behavior that is so overpowering, it affects them to the depths of their inner being.

It has such a major impact on their confidence and self esteem, they become shadows of their former selves.

Women are so regularly criticized for being stupid and often fail to recognize it is abusive behavior when this happens. It is also very much part of mentally abusive relationships.

I am continually amazed by the lack of understanding about the cause of emotionally abusive relationships and all other types of abusive relationships.

Invariably, excuses are made as a stand-in for an explanation. A dramatic change or transformation in the world is required to bring an end to this tragedy.

To achieve that we need an interpretation of the cause of the problem, that can bring about complete restructuring in the world, to the benefit of everyone.

There is a solution to emotionally abusive relationships, and all other types of abusive relationships.

Firstly, we need to recognize there is a structure in place in all parts of the planet, that bestows on males a superior status to females and children.

This leads to males taking on the role of the master, or the one in charge. It is maintained by males being encouraged to develop temperaments of dominance. It is demonstrated in the range of abusive behavior used to dominate and hold power over the inferior underlings, and keep them in their place.

The solution to emotionally abusive relationships is that males are not superior. We are all of equal status. The challenge to us males is to demonstrate this in our relationships. By doing this we can change the world for everyone’s benefit.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

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