Cheating in Relationships

Cheating in relationships is a sure sign that a relationship is not working.

It would be a clear indication that cheating in marriage is a way of creating a diversion away from the relationship to escape from an unsatisfying set of circumstances in which one finds oneself.

However much people who cheat in relationships may attempt to rationalize the way in which they act or conduct themselves, there is no satisfactory explanation to affirm their behavior as being acceptable.

Cheating in Relationships

When there is cheating in relationships there is no way there can ever be closeness between couples. There is always a distance or a brick wall creating an atmosphere of unease no matter how much there may be a pretense things are working okay.

The person having an affair in a relationship can ever be honest with their partner. This creates relationship communication problems and any interaction tends to be very much on a superficial level and would be a sure sign of infidelity.

Before proceeding, we need to be clear about what we mean by cheating in relationships.

In my view it involves having an affair or sexual liaison with someone other than the person one is married to, or with whom one is in a committed relationship, and can be one of the common problems in a relationship for a number of people.

Relationship infidelity can involve a sexual connection with activity other than sexual intercourse.

Some people obviously think that it is limited to intercourse as I’m sure we all remember the renowned statement by Bill Clinton when he said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Speaking of Clinton reminds me of another US president, namely, John F Kennedy. He was famous for many things including his affair with Marilyn Munro. It was well known that cheating in relationships for him was not limited only to Marilyn but also involved other women. He was very much the unfaithful spouse.

What is amazing about him being the unfaithful spouse in his marriage with Jackie is that it was played out in the public arena, as if it was perfectly understandable, acceptable and normal, and should not lead to any marital and relationship problems with Jackie.

Imagine the impact the effects of infidelity would have had on Jackie. She must have felt humiliated, rejected, upset, worthless, depressed, and not able to trust him etc.

Yet in spite of Kennedy being the unfaithful spouse, Jackie was expected to carry on as the dutiful First Lady as if there were no marital and relationship problems between them. In addition there was the portrait of this ideal family that was displayed.

Behind this public perception, in my view, there would have to have been what would be regarded as a dysfunctional family, and neither party would have been happy dealing with the effects of infidelity.

It is astonishing how common it is that prominent and powerful people, predominantly men, are involved in relationship infidelity, and seem to view cheating in relationships as perfectly acceptable.

I guess it fits in with the common belief in the world, that as men we can do as we like and this has to be accepted by women. It would also seem to fit in with the view/myth that men have these sexual desires that need to be met.

Husband infidelity is also served by the abundance of prostitutes available. It is often portrayed that such service is an integral part of business when traveling, and shouldn't contribute to any problems coping with adultery.

When talking about cheating in relationships, it needs to be said that having a platonic relationship with a person of the opposite sex, or the same sex in homosexual or lesbian relationships, does not amount to cheating.

Some people think that it is not possible to have such a friendship without there being sexual activity and thus involving cheating in relationships, or relationship infidelity.

Why would anyone who is in a healthy, satisfying, functioning relationship ever consider cheating on their partner. Such a relationship is so precious there is no point in jeopardizing it in any way such as becoming an unfaithful spouse.

As stated initially, cheating in relationships is a sure sign a relationship is not working. That being so, the best way of dealing with infidelity is to end the relationship.

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