Break Up Relationship

Break up relationship ideas are what we are going to be looking at here in this section.It is so important, when a relationship has reached this point, that the ways to end relationships is handled so that it is in everyone’s best interests.

Often this is not the case, as the emotions experienced by each, or one of the partners, can get in the way and effect so many outcomes.

Not least of all, are the break up relationship questions when children are involved. It is paramount, in these circumstances, that the needs of the children are the prime consideration. These must take priority over everything else.

Break Up Relationship

Often in the break up of a relationship, this does not happen and children can be very affected. Sometimes thinking they are in some way responsible for the break up, as a way of making sense of of the experience for themselves.

This can affect their feelings about themselves, or their self esteem. They can think they are naughty, or bad, or no good.

This can lead to them behaving badly at home or at school. It can effect their ability to make, or keep friends, as they are not good enough, or worthy of people liking them.

The consequences for older children when a relationship breaks up, can be similar, with added outcomes, such as getting involved in unsavory activities like drinking, drugs, and crime.

It is obvious the break up relationship issues can be considerable. The reality is, when the situation is handled differently, there is no need for any of this.

When you realize the needs of the children come first, you can put aside your differences, and work out what you are going to do to put this into practice.

Sometimes, when you have relationship issues to sort out when a relationship breaks up, it can be helpful for you to seek the assistance of your relatives or trusted friends, or even a counselor. If you want to see a counselor, I would suggest you see someone who is recommended to you.

When you are involved in the break up of a relationship, I guess the last thing you ideally want to do is have anything to do with the person you are breaking up with.

When children are involved, you will be having on-going contact for the rest of their lives. There will be birthdays, graduations, weddings, grandchildren etc. This is the reality of life.

As for you and your ex partner. I will assume you have both reached an advanced stage of mental and emotional development, characteristic of an adult, and you can handle any relationship issues that may arise.

Consequently, when it comes to dealing with all the other areas associated with break up relationship issues, you will be mature enough to deal with these in a well balanced way.

The levelheaded way you have dealt with the issues associated with what is best for the children, will assist you in this process.

This will be, because you are demonstrating to them how this can be done, as a way of modeling to them, your continuing regard for their best interests.

It is also important to say, when dealing with break up relationship issues, that breaking up can be the best thing for a couple to do. Usually it is never thought of like this.

Couples often stay together, for what seem like well intentioned reasons, like it is best for the children, or you are going to be seen, or feel like a failure, if your marriage breaks up.

This is not necessarily the best advice at all when considering break up relationship issues. Life is too short to stay in a situation where you are not happy. It can be a big sacrifice to make.

Children can have, or show an ability, to accurately assess situations and turn this to their advantage. I am aware of a young woman who said to her father “I don’t know how you and mum were ever together!” This being said without any judgment being made against either parent.

Contrary to what is often thought, it is possible to deal with break up relationship issues, in such a way that there are very positive outcomes for everyone involved.

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Extraordinary Relationship

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