Advice for Teenage Relationships

I want to share some advice for teenage relationships that I believe will prove helpful to you as a teenager.

The first thing that occurs to me when I think of teenagers, is that you are subjected to influences that have a big bearing on how you lead your lives.

When it comes to advice for teenage relationships then, this influence has a big bearing on the behavior teenagers become involved with in their relationships.

Advice for Teenage Relationships

Just to make it clear what I mean by conformity, I think it is important to spell it out as it were, so you know what I mean by this term.

It really means to follow the crowd, or toe the line, or follow the unwritten rules when it comes to teenagers, that are usually well known somehow or other.

It is like there is an ether in the air, a pleasant-smelling, colorless odor that wafts around and is conveyed to teenagers in an effortless manner.

As far as advice for teenage relationships is concerned, you can be assured you will be made aware of these rules in no uncertain manner, if you appear to be slow on the uptake in any way.

It almost becomes a bit like being a condition for being a member of the club. If you don’t accept the rules, you are not allowed in, and become an outcast from the crowd.

This can be overwhelming when you are a teenager, as being a subscriber of the club is almost seen as being obligatory, and it can make life difficult for you if you are on the outer.

Nevertheless, the advice that I would give for those of you in teenage relationships, is the same as I would give to other people.

It is important to not allow yourself to be dictated to by being held captive to the restrictions of conformity.

This limits your experience of life, as if you do not have a choice, and are obliged to go along with certain things, you would not do otherwise.

My advice for teenage relationships is to encourage you to stand out from the crowd. In order to do this you are going to need to be strong. By that I mean you are going to need to have a high self esteem, to feel really good about yourself, and be confident.

In this regard you can be a leader, and demonstrate by your actions, that it is possible to be different by not being the same as others.

This advice for teenage relationships is being given to highlight how powerful you are, instead of applying restrictions and allowing yourself to be confined.

Any relationship questions or relationship problems you may experience, you will have a much better chance of sorting out yourselves.

We all have the power to choose. This is an amazing ability that separates us from all other species on this planet. None of the other species has this capacity. They are dictated by their instincts. They are not able to choose as you are.

When you allow yourself to be restricted by conformity as a teenager, you are handing over your most precious possession, your power to choose.

I expect you have noticed in this whole section that I have devoted to advice for teenage relationships, I haven’t mentioned a thing about what to do and not to do etc.

I have also said you will have a much better chance of working out relationship questions and relationship problems.

I have simply made the point it is all up to you. It is a matter of making decisions for yourself that are in your best interests, rather than complying with other activities that may prove not to be. I hope you find this helpful.

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