Advice For Relationship

When thinking in terms of giving advice for relationship, there are many areas to consider. It is not possible to cover everything. My plan is to give you several suggestions that will be helpful.

It is obvious many relationships are not working. Statistics tell us the divorce rate is very high in most developed countries. In many places, around 50% of marriages end in divorce. Advice for relationship is much needed.

In addition, many people separate who have not married, that are not covered in these statistics.

Advice for Relationship

This being the case, it would seem there is much need for people to seek advice for the requirements of a relationship to work.

There is a view, often expressed, that it is not easy to find someone you want to be with in a relationship. Dating agencies, online and off, have multiplied to fill the growing demand to meet this need.

Many attempts are made with these services, without success. The advice for relationship sought this way, or any way for that matter, is to be very choosy.

The relationship advice I would give for someone who is wanting a partner, is, make sure you are clear about what you are looking for, and don’t compromise, or make concessions.

Sometimes it is said of some people their standards are too high and they need to lower them. I disagree as I think this is a recipe for a relationship not to work, and is possibly the reason why a lot don’t.

The main advice for relationship to work I would give, you need to be compatible. Having your own relationship compatibility quiz could be a good test for suitability.

You need to be well suited to be able to have an harmonious relationship. You need this to be consistent with each other.

You need to be well matched and like minded. This involves having the same attitudes and beliefs, as there are flow on effects that result from this.

For example, if you have fundamental religious beliefs, and your partner is an atheist, it would be difficult to see how your relationship would survive.

Perhaps at the initial stages of a relationship, when your judgment is blurred by romance, you think love will conquer everything.

My advice for relationship here is, there is every chance it will not succeed, and I would advise you to ask yourselves some relationship questions and take the time to examine your relationship in the clear light of reality.

If you have been looking for some time, it can become frustrating, and you can be in danger of losing sight of the requirements you set for yourself in what you want in a relationship.

The advice I would give when looking for a relationship, is to be patient. When you become impatient, it is too easy to make a mistake.

How many clothes have you got hanging up in your wardrobe, that you never ware, that are the result of you not being able to find what you really want?

The other crucial advice for a relationship to be successful, that you need to be clear about is, there needs to be equality in your relationship.

Each person is of equal status, no one is superior or inferior to the other. In my experience, this imbalance occurs in so many relationships, and is the reason they don’t work.

An issue here is that sometimes this imbalance does not become obvious until the couple is married. It is like the real person now appears. Again, my advice for the relationship you want, take your time.

There are a number of other suggestions I could be giving you here, however the two I have mentioned, compatibility and equality, in my view are the most fundamental for a solid foundation, in any advice for a relationship that could be given.

There is more in my ebook “How to Have An Extraordinary Relationship.”

Extraordinary Relationship

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