Relationship Tips

Relationship Tips For You is For Those Who Are (Or Plan To Be) Married, Or In A De Facto Relationship, Or In A Committed Loving Relationship. 

Welcome to a website dedicated to you having the best possible relationship. 

Getting into a relationship is a bit like becoming parents for the first time. There is no manual that adequately prepares anyone to deal with the experience. 

Often the manuals on child rearing can be confusing as different information is contained in those that are available. 

The same can be said for books written about marriage and relationships. 

Here, at relationship tips for you, I plan to share with you how you can have a relationship many people don’t even realize is possible. 

You will discover how to have a relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

It will mean having a Relationship/Partnership/Marriage, where you will be living your life with another person and having a Fuller, Richer, More Pleasurable and Satisfying Life. 

I will be looking at the hazards that get in the way of having extraordinary relationships, exploring how these problems originated, and how you can overcome them. 

I will be investigating the programming we all experience that can control our whole lives if we allow it to, and what we can do about it, the choice is ours. 

The information I’m sharing is the result of what I have learned over a period of twenty years as a counsellor, dealing primarily with relationships. 

Many have suggested I should share this information as they think it would be helpful for plenty of people. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, so finally I’m here. 

So take your time, look around, and I would love to to hear what you have to say. 

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